How to Use a Coupon

The team at works very hard to provide with quality goods and excellent service.Although our prices are already very low ,we occasionally offer additional discounts to users.Whether these discouts are offered on our website or through our partner offline business customers,they will be offered in the form of a coupon or promotional code.

For example, right now, if you visit our home page you will see  "sirsoccer" coupons that offer more discounts for all users. Please note that the discount only applies to purchases and does not apply to third party charges such as electronic collections or other bank charges associated with your tax refund payment.

Now, it’s great to have a coupon code,but because it’s really valuable if you know how and where to use it,we created the following page to help users use coupons to get discounts on their purchases.

Follow these three easy steps to apply a discount to your purchase.

Step 1: When you get to the checkout page,you’ll see the total cost of the item,including the exact information you provided to send the order.

Step 2: In this field enter your coupon code. Make sure not to add any additional spaces or characters or it will not be accepted. Once this is entered click the "Apply" button.

Step 3: Make sure the correct discount is now applied to your purchase.

If you have any trouble with these directions you can contact us.